Broad Support for Home Rule

Not only did 9,700 voters sign the petition to place Home Rule as an option on the ballot, but 42 people stepped up to file as freeholders to take the process forward after November. For a list of the freeholders click here.

The people signing the Voter Guide statement in support of Home Rule are another example of the broad support the effort has in Yakima.

Bernie Sims, a former Yakima city councilmember, Dr. Kathleen Ross, retired President and founder of Heritage Universe, and Jesse Palacios, a former Yakima County Commissioner, carry impressive credentials and represent diverse political views.

Here’s the Yes on Home Rule statement you’ll find in the voter’s guide:

“It’s time for Yakima County voters to take a new look at our county government.

It was created by the State Legislature over 100 years ago. Since then, the county population has grown five times larger! Business and population needs have changed significantly. A Home Rule charter allows us to examine our current structure, where, today, just three commissioners make all legislative and executive decisions.

Home Rule allows the people to have a say in how our government should function. It will provide options for bringing government closer to the people and creating better checks and balances, like county-wide ballot measures, an executive branch, and more. With a county twice the size of Delaware, isn’t it time we examined how to best govern ourselves?

Vote YES to start the process of drafting a new charter. Let us create a government that is truly by, of, and for Yakima.”

Join Bernie, Kathleen, and Jessie in showing your support of Home Rule by endorsing it here.


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