Our Opponent’s Game: Lies & Misinformation

Don’t we expect elected officials to know the insides and outsides of government? Don’t we expect them to be the authority of laws and policies that govern us, the voters? Isn’t that their duty and the reason we elect them to represent us?

So it’s sad day when our County Commissioner either neglects to read the law or is intentional in his deceit.

Commissioner Rand Elliot’s misinformation was highlighted in a recent article in the Daily Sun. Elliot stated that Home Rule would do away with the current three commissioner system and the election of the county auditor, assessor, treasurer and sheriff positions, divide the county into nine districts each with its own county commissioner, create a new administrator position, and generally cost more.

The truth is that the WA State Constitution does not require any of the above in a Home Rule Charter. The truth is that the 15 volunteer, elected freeholders decide what to include in a Charter. The freeholders decide how much changing of the current government structure takes place. They could decide to keep the three commission system. They could opt for five part-time commissioners in the Home Rule Charter. They could decide to give the people more say in their government by allowing for the power of ballot measures and a regular review process.

What Elliot also neglects to mention is that the voters have final say in whether to adopt the Charter once it is written or keep the current commission system. That’s right, the PEOPLE GET TO DECIDE what’s best for them.

Is Elliot afraid of the people? Is his misinformation intentional? Is misinforming the public a common practice of Elliot’s? One does indeed have to wonder about his intentions.

Read the truth here in the WA State Constitution.


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