People Are Saying

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“It really is almost this canvas the citizens have an opportunity to paint on for the type of government they want. Once the freeholders devise a charter, it goes on the ballot. The citizens decide if it is a better way to govern.”

Eric Johnson, executive director of the Washington State Association of Counties in the Yakima Herald, April 6th


Letter to Editor in Yakima Herald on September 29th:

Man behind the curtain

To the editor — Power grab? Review of our very aged county government structure by an elected panel of citizens, selected by majority vote, is the very essence of democracy.

The opposition seems very nervous about the prospect of modernizing county government. It’s especially curious that these same folks were so very eager to modernize the city charter earlier this year.

As currently operating, only two of three commissioners’ approval is necessary to approve an action. Consider the moribund jail, a fiasco that will cost tax payers millions of dollars for many years.

Of the more than 40 candidates for the review panel are: teachers, clergy, medical professionals, business people and individuals with long records of public service.

When the good old boys, powers that be and vested interests tell you not to look at the man behind the curtain, look carefully at the man behind the curtain.

Vote yes on Proposition 1.



“I am interested in being a freeholder precisely because home rule is not a partisan issue. It is about you the people having a greater voice in how your government works for you to improve the quality of life in our valley.

Carole Folsom Hill, Freeholder for District 3 on October 5th in the Sunnyside Daily Sun.


“This is a good exercise for citizens to go through in public and open meetings, kick this around and see what is best for county government.”

Bernie Sims, Chair of Voters for Home Rule for Yakima County in the Yakima Herald on August 31st


“Home rule gives more power to the people of the county.”

Mary Baechler from Central Washington Progress in Yakima Herald on July 26th


“We need a vigorous and open debate on how to make our county government better. The idea is not about trying to draw lines in the sand to separate us from each other. It is about erasing lines and working together.”

Don Hinman, representing Yes on Home Rule at a Chamber of Commerce Forum on September 12th, Yakima Herald


“If the community wants to have a change, they certainly have that right to do so”

Yakima County Commissioner Kevin Bouchey on KNDO, April 6th


“It’s a good idea to change county government. It would provide a better division of labor,”

Freeholder candidate Neil McClure in Yakima Herald on August 22nd


“Anything we can do to make government more representative of the people is a positive. I also believe in civic responsibility and the active role of citizens in determining what government should be.”

Freeholder Ted Raihl in Yakima Herald on August 22nd



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