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Home Rule TV Appearances

Catch Home Rule on YPAC this week:
  • Watch Don Hinman debate Bruce Smith at the F.Y.I. Home Rule Forum. Find air times here.

Yakima County Voter Pamphlet

  • YPAC is also broadcasting the League of Women Voters October 7th Forum on Home Rule. Click here for air times.
  • YPAC is also broadcasting interviews with freeholder candidates separated into districts 1, 2, and 3. These interviews can also be viewed online.

If you want to learn more about the freeholders, you can also visit the Yakima Herald’s freeholder profiles as well as the Yakima County voter pamphlet. As a quick reminder, voters from each district elect 5 freeholders to represent them in the Home Rule process.


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Official: Yakima County Home Rule & Freeholders on Nov Ballot

Now that all fifteen positions for freeholders have been filled, Yakima County Home Rule and the election of freeholders will officially be on the November ballot. A recent resolution by the County Commission called for Home Rule to ONLY be placed on this year’s ballot if all spots for freeholders were filled.

The filing period ends tomorrow, August 26th at 3:30 pm so there is still a chance things could change. Stay tuned.

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Filing Period for Freeholders Begins Next Week

In November, voters will decide whether they want to move forward with a new county charter for Yakima County. They will also elect 15 people or freeholders to draft the new charter. The new charter will then be voted on in a subsequent election.

Five freeholders will be elected from each of the three county commission districts. Freeholders must:

– be a registered voter
– reside in the commissioner district they seek to represent
– have lived in the county for at least five years

As noted in the Yakima Herald, the filing period for freeholders will open on August 22nd and extend to August 26th. If you are interested in being involved in the process of changing the current county government to one that is more accountable to the people, please contact the campaign at yakimahomerule@gmail.com

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