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Voter Pamphlet Available

The Yakima County Voter Pamphlet is now available online. Included are the statements of the 41 candidates running for freeholders as well as the statements for and against Home Rule.

Home Rule is an opportunity for the people of Yakima to have a say in how their government should function. As witnessed in the candidate statements, people on all sides of the political spectrum agree that Yakima should start the Home Rule process. Each voter will have the opportunity to elect five volunteer freeholders from their district to represent them in the two-year Home Rule process.

Many candidates include what they plan to advocate for in a new charter, and voters will need to choose who will best represent their interests. Prop 1 itself simply starts the process of freeholders reviewing the current form of government and suggesting changes in the form of a Home Rule charter. The freeholders have two years to draft the charter and present it back to the voters who then have final say on whether to keep the current structure or adopt the charter.


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Your Great, Great Grandaddy’s Government

Yakima County’s current commission system of government was handed down by the state legislature over 100 years ago. Times have changed. Yakima’s population has grown five times larger and business and populations needs are significantly different. Isn’t it time to take a look at whether our county government structure works for our modern needs?

Vote Yes on Home Rule to begin the process of examining our current structure, where, today, just three commissioners make all legislative and executive decisions.

With a county twice the size of Delaware, isn’t it time we examined how to best govern ourselves?

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Filing Period for Freeholders Begins Next Week

In November, voters will decide whether they want to move forward with a new county charter for Yakima County. They will also elect 15 people or freeholders to draft the new charter. The new charter will then be voted on in a subsequent election.

Five freeholders will be elected from each of the three county commission districts. Freeholders must:

– be a registered voter
– reside in the commissioner district they seek to represent
– have lived in the county for at least five years

As noted in the Yakima Herald, the filing period for freeholders will open on August 22nd and extend to August 26th. If you are interested in being involved in the process of changing the current county government to one that is more accountable to the people, please contact the campaign at yakimahomerule@gmail.com

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