Perfect Example of Need for Home Rule

An article in the Yakima Herald titled, “Government must do its job at trailer park” is a perfect example of county government not doing its job to represent the people.

The article highlights a trailer park on non-tribal land south of White Swan, calling the living conditions a “living nightmare”. Despite rotting floors and the Indian Health Service declaring the park “unlivable and in violation of electrical and life safety codes”, the county has refused to step in.  The trailer park has been an ongoing problem with many agencies recognizing the terrifying conditions. Without any enforcement authority or permission from the county, agencies have not been able to act. Meanwhile the county code enforcement calls the situation a non priority, and county commissioner Kevin Bouchey seems heartless with this report from the paper:

Meanwhile, county commissioner Kevin Bouchey states that tenants have the right to move if they don’t like it, without advising how the impoverished residents in a small, relatively isolated community could find both another place to live and the resources to make the move.

If you believe, as we do, that county government’s job is to enforce laws and be accountable to the people they are supposed to represent, then join us this weekend.

Many Yakima residents are holding on to their ballots, which means we still have time for conversations with them. Hop on the phones with us to call voters to encourage them to vote Yes on Prop 1, Yes for Home Rule. Simply email us at or call us at 509-823-5062 to sign up for a shift.


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